Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Finally back from Greece. Went a little crazy with the photographs, I couldn't help it. These pictures were taken with Binocam, a combination Bionoculars and camera, so they were all taken at a great distance. They didn't really work for the sports events (too much action), and they don't do Meteora justice (not enough perspective). Still, until I develop our regular camera photos, check these out, some are quite beautiful.

This is a 15th century monastary built atop the narrow mountains of Meteora. This was the finale of my trip to Greece and quite possibly the most beautiful place I've ever been. I had dreamed of visiting Meteora for years after seeing photos of it on the walls my favorite pizza place, Olympia pizza in Seattle, where The Habit would regularly hang out. Posted by Hello

Meteora Posted by Hello

Meteora Posted by Hello

Meteora with blue mountains and a pink sky. Posted by Hello

Bridge over a deep chasm in Meteora or Metewpa as we used to call it. Posted by Hello

Santorini Posted by Hello

Yao Ming in a losing effort against Lithuania, the Chinese team is vastly impoved and should be a contender in time for Beijing. Posted by Hello

Temple of Zues in Athens, taken from the Akropolis. Posted by Hello

Photo of a church in Oia on Santorini taken from the beach far below. Posted by Hello

Action shots taken with the binocular camera were inevitably blurry. However this is Allen Iverson making both free throws in a victory over Spain in the Quarterfinals. Posted by Hello

Mykonos, looking a little like Venice Posted by Hello

Thira on the island of Santorini Posted by Hello

Santorini at dusk, a little hazy, but still beautiful. On top of the red cliffs of the ancient volcanic crater lies the town of Thira. When you sail into the harbor you are surrounded on three sides by these steep cliffs, and at first it looks like the white walled cities are actually snow. Posted by Hello

U.S. Men's 4x400m, Gold Medal Ceremony Posted by Hello

Windmills on the Island of Mykonos Posted by Hello