Friday, October 21, 2005


Stop for me it's the Claw! Ryan Dobosh and I created this masterpiece many years ago in Seattle. I'm happy to report that this is now a graphitti movement in our hometown. I've seen at least 3 claws since I've been back, all of differing shapes and sizes. I love it when my ideas take off like that, however I want the credit above all. I'm obviously a little vane. When we saw pictures of this "artwork" in the paper we nearly freaked out! The caption read, "Vandals make a statement in Fremont, but what does it mean?"

It was just supposed to be funny, however the Claw is very powerful when it comes to crossing in front of traffic. When you're crossing an intersection, and the on coming traffic doesn't respect or understand your right-of-way priviledges, throw down a firm CLAW and start crossing. This is not foolproof, but it usually stops cars dead in their tracks. The claw lets them know you are flippin' serious about crossing this street. Try it sometime. The claw's the law y'all.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I need a new black pencil.

Friday, October 07, 2005


August was my last month with the Santa Fe Opera, and I have to say I had a fantastic time. Lots of basketball, hikes, parties, drinks, dog fights, skateboard ramps, Opera, hitchhikers in front of the prison, what more could you ask for? After the constant heat beat down, the return of some huge clouds and precipitation was much appreciated, although missing the Leonids was a huge let down. When am I gonna be in the middle of nowhere in the desert in the middle of August during the largest shooting star display in North America again? Probably next year. (I know its October already, Sept. will be soon and sloppy)
Photo-linky-hook-up under construction. I'm sorry I'm still a Blogtard. This may work its supposed to be 136 pictures from the Southwest.

Tent Rocks. August 15.

Everywhere you go in America, any strange rock outcropping is attributed to the evils of Satan. There's Devil's Tower, The Devil's Garden, The Devil's Backbone, Devil's Kitchen, Devil's Boots, Devil's Bridge, and the Devil's elbow to name a few. Less than a mile from my sister's place in Santa Fe where I stayed for the summer, there is a large series of wicked looking boulders that swirl with purple and gold streaky patterns. The place is littered with more petrified wood than any national park, and its landscape is festering with giant bulbous red sores. So I officially name this geographical wonderland DEVIL'S CRACK. It's on private land so beware of hics with shotguns. To get there just go down Turquois Trail til you get to that one dirt road, go left down the arroyo, past the carving in the rocks, under the barbwire, move aside the giant tumbleweeds and continue up the little canyon and you're there. Got that? (Actually for my Santa Fe friends I will give you a full illustrated map and directions soon). Look at Smudge, all pensive looking out into the distance from the ridge of Devil's Crack.

Joanna, Lieta, and I pause for drinks at the bar on top of Devil's Crack.

August 16. Dog Angel, Sister Lieta, Mom Jill, Girlfriend Joanna, and Dog Smudge watch the sunset from Devil's Crack.

The best part about the Santa Fe was the sky. New Mexico clouds; they slope and crash with the rain, or stack themselves miles high and bathe in the lathery late day apenglow. Outside of the South Pacific (which is just cheating and I know it) New Mexico has the best clouds and sunset. They're just so puffy, look there's one following me home. Hi there puffy, are you hungry? Good puffy.

Arches National Park Utah. This is where the summer's Southwest journey essentially began. Joanna and I thought our travel expenses would only technically cover 3 consecutive days, we didn't know we could stretch it out. Sadly we only spent a day here. I love the contrast of bubbly red rocks and stark white mountain tops. Southern Utah has the most dramatic landscape I've seen in America, and at this point I can say that I've seen quite a bit. Someone ought to wedge a small theatre between those huge red boulders (on private land of course), or just put a classy looking building for rehearsals or shows on top of one of those cliffs. People from all over the country would come. Destination theatres and concert halls are fast becoming the most successful live venues (Gorge, Coachella, Santa Fe Opera, Oregon Shakespeare, Red Rocks), people want to be entertained as well as say they've been to that marvelous remote place with that famous building in all the postcards.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Lake Powell/Glen Canyon Utah

Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa. Tonight I spoke to a friend, and she said, "Hey, your blog has been sucking lately," Which confirmed my worst fears- someone is actually reading this thing. Actually a few people have complained and I'm sorry. I have 5 legit excuses why I've neglected this sight and 2 B.S. excuses.

1. Travelling, I've been on the road a lot lately which isn't condusive to drawing or blogging.
2. No job. Job hunting takes a lot of time, which shouldn't be sent drawing or blogging, I finally got one today.
3. No home. Apartment hunting. I got one on Wednesday. A super cute place in Seattle's lower Queen Anne neighborhood.
4. No internet access. Got it today!
5. Moving. Boxes man, boxes.
B.S. 6. Hurricane Katrina and Rita. (I know no one loves you Rita, but I do, you destoyed real good baby)
7. Lack of inspiration.

Its over people. I'm no longer languishing in a world of indecision and transition, my only enemy now is cable television. Damn you Jon Stewart!