Sunday, February 06, 2011

MODERN LUV at The Triple Door

MODERN LUV…it's complicated

Mark Siano & friends are about to get all up in your inbox with their new Triple Door show MODERN LUV

Seattle, WA – February 1, 2011 –Seattle comedian and cabaret crooner Mark Siano presents his new song and dance spectacular MODERN LUV, a comedy that aims its satirical arrow at romance in the facebook-texting-email era. After consistently selling out the Triple Door with his critically acclaimed Soft Rock shows, Siano and friends return with a hilarious show that everyone will "like" be able to "follow" and totally relate 2 while they lol and lmao. Featuring a great cast of dancers, comedians, and Siano's 7 piece backing band The Enablers, this show will be a can't miss event.

Siano joins forces with his co-star Opal Peachey (from Cafe Nordo's sell-out hit Sauced) as the two try to find true love in the middle of today's tangled web of technology. Featuring original music by Siano including I'm Not The Girl I Am Online, along with crowd favorites Up In Your Inbox and Leave Your Phone Alone; Mark Siano and The Enablers are sure to rock the house as they welcome old favorites Joanna Hardie and Rick Miller to get on the mic and tear the roof off the Triple Door. Assembling a sexy cast of some of Seattle's top dance talent, Siano calls on the Modern Luv Dancers to do the only thing you can when times get rough- dance your ass off in a Sparkletard! Mark's buddies from The Habit (David Swidler, Luke Thayer, and Seattle favorite Ray Tagavilla) will be there as well to lay down the funny with searing parodies and sketch comedy mocking anything and everything about MODERN LUV. With a proven track record of critically acclaimed and sell out crowd favorites, Siano and friends are on a roll, and this is their funniest show to date.

Feb 18, 19 Friday and Saturday 7:30 (all ages) and 10:30 (21+)
Ticket Office 206-838-4333

The Triple Door
215 Union St
Seattle WA 98101

Director / Producer: Mark Siano
Musical Director: John Kranz
Assistant Director: Jeanne Lee
Special Guests: Opal Peachey, Rick Miller, David Swidler, Luke Thayer, Joanna Hardie, Ray Tagavilla
Written by: Mark Siano and Jeanne Lee with contributions from the cast.
Original Music: Mark Siano
The Enablers: John Kranz (keys), Kathy Moore (guitar), Troy Lund (drums), Lawrence Leggett (bass), Eric Padget (horns), Skinny Lynn Cook (horns), Brian Kinyon (backing vocals), Ariel Glassman (backing vox), Lindsay Corbett (backing vox), Amanda Lee Williams (backing vox), Steven Dever (backing vox)
The Modern Luv Dancers: Hailey Hays, Hillary Mencke, Gabriella Cook, Kimberly Durham, Andrew Murray, and Thaddeus Wilson
Photography: Stephen Vest, Victoria VanBruinisse

Mark Siano Productions is an Associate Program of Shunpike

High-Res images available upon request or available for download on Facebook

Media Contact:
Mark Siano
206-898-3644 Triple Door Link Facebook Page Link