Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Bush wins. The blue issues are small and hard to read because the Democrats had difficulty finding a steady message. The red issues are bold and easy to decipher.  Posted by Hello

After 7 months and 19 days, rain returns to Los Angeles. I began raising funds for the Kerry campaign. The curse of the Bambino finally ends. The Habit does a less than successful run at the Improv, but has a fantastic 1000 seat+ showing at the Alex Theatre, hell we even got PAID for that one. Posted by Hello

Ichiro breaks the single season hit record. October 1. Posted by Hello

Returning from Greece to be bombarded by the Republican National Convention was more than I could take. The month was done entirely in shades of blue to reflect my let down and depression. Although things certainly cheered up with Joanna's Birthday and Kerry's debate win, I still wasn't thrilled to be back in L.A. I returned to New Mexico to register voters, I only nabbed 4. That's about $15 of gas per voter. We also saw the amazing Ichiro go 5 for 5 on the 21st in Anaheim. Posted by Hello

Rocking the Mic. Universal Bar. September 14. Posted by Hello

The 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Easily the best time I've ever had in my entire life. There are too many great photos to include here, and too many great memories to write about. Posted by Hello

After longing to go there for a decade, I finally made it to the cliff side Monastaries of Meteora. Posted by Hello

Joanna poses with an ancient penis. August 25. Posted by Hello

These are the colorful narrow alleys of Mykonos. August 22. Posted by Hello

Joanna and I enjoying some Olympic TEAM HANDBALL! Posted by Hello

Santorini, the reason everyone should go to Greece. August 19. Posted by Hello

My most ambitious month so far, with trips to Missouri to visit my Dad at the Lake of the Ozarks, and a roadtrip to see my sister in Santa Fe. The DNC has their convention, and Barak Obama steals the show. Posted by Hello

Grand Canyon. July 11. Posted by Hello

Can a man do nothing and be happy? I experimented myself on this Santa Fe Porch and the answer was undeniably YES! July 12 Posted by Hello

Old Friends Marxiano and Tommy Smith cross pathes at the Grand Canyon. July 11. Posted by Hello

Joanna and Lieta go looking for stray cats in the caves of Bandalier, NM. July 12. Posted by Hello

The month began with a free trip to Disneyland and a dead Ronald Reagen on my street corner. The Habit begins their first successful run in L.A. at the Improv Olympic, successful meaning, people showed up this time. Posted by Hello

John Osebold invasion, bocce with the boys. June 23. Posted by Hello

In 100 degree weather, Joanna, Erika, Andrew, and Francis join me in watching an amazing line up of musicians perform in the most uncomfortable place on Earth, Coachella, in Death Valley.  Posted by Hello

Joanna and her new car Bluey Posted by Hello

Erika in a cave by the Pacific. May 4. Posted by Hello

Managed to get to the beach 3 times this month, and learned that you can drink openly (and heavily) on the sandy shores of San Diego. Posted by Hello

On the 16th I went to see "The Passion of the Christ" and wound up running into Rufus Wainwright in Santa Monica. Rufus is gay, and having the giant "Passion" marquee behind him as he sang "I'm a one man guy," was the highlight of the month.  Posted by Hello

Flew to Seattle and lassoed up my girlfriend, put her in a truck and moved her on down to Santa Monica. My band, The Speakers of the House, places a great gig at the infamous Viper Room. It was the night before the Oscar's but even though he's in town, Johnny Depp still doesn't go to his own club. January 25th is the last day of rain L.A. will see in a while. Posted by Hello

Happy 2004, Happy 4702. The Habit was busy January, with shows in San Fran and Chicago. My father came to see the Chicago show and loved it. Since he was a conservative, I had always feared he would disown me when he saw what I was doing with my life. He nearly fell off his chair at the sarcastic line, "Finally, white people acting like black people, now that's what I wanted to see!"  Posted by Hello