Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Mark Siano Cabaret was a hit!

I even actually made some money!

The laughs were big, the houses were good, the audience appeared to be both young and hot! Now I need to take that momentum and keep going. But I really just want to watch a stupid movie! No! Damn it, I'm going to do stand-up open mike tonight, I can put it off no longer.

I'm funny, now I need to be fearless!

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Mark Siano Cabaret March 23, 24 Rebar Seattle

NEW SHOW!!! I just booked a gig at the Rebar on March 23rd and 24th! The show will be on a Friday and Saturday night at 8:00pm. Rebar is a performance space with a FULL BAR!!! It's located at 1114 Howell Street and the corner of Howell and Boren.

It's called THE MARK SIANO CABARET and it features me for the most part with cameos from a bunch of my friends. I'll be doing some stand-up, story-telling, sketch comedy (w/ some old Habit bits), singing, and some really bad dancing!

This is my most ambitious project to date and it will undoubtedly be hilarious! If you live in this town check it out, if not catch a flight, or craigslist a rideshare, just get here! I'm warning you, if you miss this show, your life will go on pretty much the same as before.