Sunday, January 29, 2006

I screamed for four straight hours and only sat down twice. Once at half time and once to catch my breath. The crowd yelled all the way through 4-minute-long TV timeouts. When Tatupu got that interception I blew out my vocal chords and eardrums simultaneously. It was amazing to experience a celebration of that size and magnitude. The whole city was exploding with joy, and that stadium was literally rocking the foundation of the earth beneath our feet. I wished I could clutch every joyous moment and freeze it. The harrowing journey to make it in made it all the more precious. It was the pinnacle Seattle sports moment in my young life. Woo! Woo, I say woo! We’re going to the Superbowl baby! Woo, I tell you, woo! Woo!

So that’s how I saw the big game. Go Seahawks.

Now a fan's chronology:


Jeff said...

Excellent post(s)!!!!!!

Fishpimp said...

They ought to reward your determination with tickets to the Super Bowl. Go Seahawks!