Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dave and Mark star in The Drifters remake, while Jeff and Ryan are doing a Bud Light commercial, with Tommy in BATTLEFIELD EARTH 2! Man Wins Again!

The Habit is a comedy troupe that used to do meticulously planned shows in order to deliver the ultimate comedic punch. We were fools! Now we realize if we just wing-it, doing sketches that we already know are funny, we don't have to rehearse at all. I've never felt so confident in all my life. Hell, we weren't even on the same page half the time, didn't matter.
This was our third appearance at the Chicago Sketchfest, and we didn't really break out any new stuff. But there were great new bits every night and the audience loved it. Jeff Schell wins for best new joke. The show was tight too, far from perfect, but in year's past we've had technical difficulties.This wasn't about perfection, it was about laughing, seeing some old friends, destroying a young unsuspecting audience, and partying like golden-gods in Chicago.

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HONOLULU 2009!!!