Thursday, April 27, 2006

Drunken Bloggin


What is sup! Damn!

I am in an internet cafe in napoli, or Naples for you fans of large areolas!

What did that mean?

Don't ask me, I'm plastered.

I am unsure what they put in the pizzas in Napoli, but it is delicious. My theory is that they coat the bottom of the oven with crack cocain. I want more! Crack infused pizza dates back to the ancients who lived in Pompeii, who were punished by god for having so much premaritial sex and living next to a huge delicious volcano.

Speaking of Volcanoes, I'm going to Stromboli tomorrow. Stromboli is the most active volcano in the World with lil eruptions every 10 minutes, but will they give me a tour to the crater? It is not tourist season yet. but damn it, i will see some magma before I leave if it cost me a limb.

I donĂ t need my left foot anyway.

Blam! I love writing that. Blam. Blamooo Blam!

Naples is actually dirtier than New York, bet you didn't know that. I hope I don't git mugged on my way home.

Tomorrow the islands. Peace.


moxie said...

don't fall in.

Jeff said...

Wow. That was some drunk blogging. I LOVE IT!

rydo said...

Yeah, what an asshole. Get me a magma picture!

kougar said...

If you don't put up a new post soon I'm taking my business elsewhere.