Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Huge" head scar courtesy the Countess

You asked for it, and now you got it. It will surely make a nasty scar, and this picture doesn´t even show the other scar farther back on my head. Are you happy now? It only cost me 15€ to download that photo.


rydo said...

That scar is nasty. And I can verify its hugeness.

Are you sure there's no apostrophe in that, Jill? It doesn't look right.

jill/mom said...

A+ Ryan
the rule is "the possessive form of its
has NO apostrophe"

I'm worried about that scar!
It shouldn't still be that red.

kougar said...

this is cool! might I, too, submit my questions about grammar to Jill/mom, care of Mark's blog?

the wound is impressive, but isn't that an old picture?

marxiano said...

That was from the day after, it doesn't still look that bad.