Saturday, April 21, 2007

Up in the air

Here I am again, confused about what I'm doing with my life. For a while there, I was a really prolific calendar artist, then I started getting up on stage again and I didn't have enough time to invest in the art. Don't be mad, I can't help it, my constantly changing motivation keeps pulling me in different directions. I have to listen to my heart and right now it's telling me "thump bump, thump bump, thump bump", you know what that means.

Next week I've gotta move on out and head to L.A. and then perform a show in Orlando. After that I have no idea where I'll live, but I do have two more gigs in Seattle in June and July. So, I guess I'll keep living here for a while. Then what . . .

This will be a million dollar idea: I think I'll start a go-cart track for drunks. That's always been a dream for me. Instead of using rubber tires as dividers, I'll use common railroad hobos. Drunk on drunk violence will teach everyone a valuable lesson about caring and community, and how we as a society need more recreational activities to enhance our collective quality of life. Finally Skid Row Go-Carts can fill that void.


Rachel said...

That's hilarious. Why didn't that joke go in the show? (punch)

Rydo said...

Because he stole it.