Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Seattle Weekly reviews Mark Siano


In this mostly autobiographical one-man show, writer/performer Mark
Siano puts a comic spin on a history of failed relationships, drug
abuse, and college underachievement. Like many comedians, Siano
really, really wants us to like him, and we're happy to oblige. The
whole performance, in fact, has the feel of a class reunion, listening
to an old friend reminisce about those crazy college days.
Regrettably, though, I wasn't in on the jokes, and his sly references
to his friends worked better for, well, his friends. Yet it's hard not
to be impressed by Siano's enthusiasm and, perhaps more significantly,
his talents as a lyricist. High Times' high points are undoubtedly the
original songs—most notably his ode to everyone's favorite big box,
"Wal-Mart Is My Bitch." Siano is one of the most relentlessly
enthusiastic storytellers I've seen, and he certainly doesn't lack for


Katy said...

Wow. Nice review. Congrats!

Certainlia said...

I guess I'm just wondering what I have to do to be cool enough to get a link to my blog on your blog.

Oh, and, good job.