Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Touchdown Bangkok

It's 90 degrees at night and I am already one seriously sweaty Italian. I feel the heat and the sweat will be a running theme.

The flights were long and harrowing and full of kids and shifty monks (not shifty looking, they were just adjusting their robes) , but I managed to sleep a lot, now I'm wide awake at 3am watching Turkey v. Germany with some other backpackers.

I arrived at the guesthouse and only got slightly ripped off by the taxi driver. The guesthouse is nice, but the mosquitoes have found my ankles, told all friends and the feast has begun.

Tomorrow I'll check out the city if I don't sleep all day.

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Jeanne Lee said...

I SAW SOME SHIFTY MONKS AT SUBWAY YESTERDAY!!! (It's a small, small world.)