Monday, July 07, 2008

Photographs from S.E. Asia

I only brought one green shirt to Thailand, and I'm gonna use it!

I add pictures of attractive young women to try and make myself look cool and popular. Truthfully I spend almost all of my time alone, which took a little getting used to, since I usually demand a lot of attention. I really like the solidarity of my travels (I'll sleep til 2pm if I wanna, then I'll get a banana chocalate pancake and a beer and go back to bed!), it's lonely at times, but you make great friends as well. Above: posing with some amazing Thaifood is Sonja, who I met my first day in Beijing, and posing in the Indian Ocean is Louiza, who would later have her face attacked by a monkey.


Abigail (abby-gale) said...

Although you might feel solidarity with you beer, I think what you're enjoying is the solitude! And right on.

Rydo said...

Oh SNAP! She nailed you! You've just been face bitten by an evil grammar monkey! Ha ha!

No offense, Abigail.

johnO said...

None taken, Ryd.