Monday, May 22, 2006

I got a bunch of stuff to do before I turn 30!

I should have listened to my friend Erika, she said *Go to Lake Como, it is frickin beautiful* and yesterday I finally did. It was the apotheosis of lakes, this photo barely does it justice, since you can-t see the snow topped mountains and beautiful villas that actually enhance the scenery. We hiked up and around that giant rock and I got to see my first waterfall of Europe! Hooray!

Damn I am gonna be 30 on June 5 in 2 weeks. I gotta get to Spain, like tomorrow.

I am flying to Seville, travelling to Grenada, exploring from the mountains and beaches. Then we head to Barcelona, and fly back to Milan, all before I turn 30! If you have good Spain advice, leave it the comments. Then we will have a little party on the 5th, since I nearly have 6 or so friends in Milan now, and the next day we will go to Venice!

If anyone actually calls me on my birthday, I will get you an amazing present in Italy, anything you like. It is 9 hours ahead. We will be up late. 0039 347 2401259.

Franco asked me if I want to go into business with him. I could set up a market for Fantini-Cosmi (That is the Thermostat company that they run) find them some clients, research the area, hey no problemo, right. I love the idea, and I love the life style even more, but I don-t know anything about business.

Actually as far as the soul?searching ^who loves the crazy puncuation% I am thinking about . . . Returning to theatre!!! Boring.


kougar said...

wow. that's like the first time you've taken my advice in ten years. have fun in espana you whore.

Jeff said...

My advice: don't listen to Kougar.

I can't back that up with any logic or reason, but at this point you have to make a choice-- break your Kougar streak, or break your Schell streak. But my breaking your Schell streak, you'll be breaking the Kougar streak, and vice versa.

Dude, I'm working on so many levels right now.

kougar said...

Shut up Schell. Kougar eat Schell.