Thursday, October 12, 2006


The Brothers are on fire! Hey! Hey! Fire! Fire!

The's a huge forest fire in The Brothers wilderness area! The Brothers is that big double peak you can see across the water from Seattle. The Brothers just happen to be be my favorite mountain (is it plural if it's one mountain?) in the Olympic Mountain Range. And that mountain is currently on fire. The Brothers are on fire!

I've never seen anything like it. Even when I lived in L.A., where there are forest fires all the time, you could never see the distant plumes from Downtown or Hollywood or anything like that.

The fire was first reported Wednesday Oct.10. The muthafuckin Brothers have been on fire since at least Oct 4! That's when I noticed a plume of smoke coming off the mountain. I never reported it. I figured one of these guy would have said something.

Maybe some forest department official . . . ?
It's right there people! Seattle has had clear skies for nearly everyday in October. At first I thought The Brothers might be ready to blow up or something, but The Brothers are not volcanic.
Shouldn't this be bigger news? Local camera crews LOVE a good forest fire, its a ratings machine! I guess Seattle is just gonna chill and see what happens, no biggy.

If this was the Simi Valley or Valencia people would be freaking out!

Well I'm sorry I didn't say anything about it earlier, but apparently they just wait to see if these things burn themselves out.

HOWEVER, if it gets out of hand, I'm gonna be organizing a fire fighting car pool! I've got room in my car for at least two. Bring a bucket.

We can do this blog community. Bloggers turned the 2004 presidential campaign on its head. Bloggers have outed countless prominent closet gays. Now the blog communtiy is going to have to put out a forest fire. We can do it bloggers, save The Brothers!


John O said...

You were so right!

David said...

They don't need no water