Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Yo! This is Mukilteo Bumblebee. If Mark ain't gonna write on this thing, I will, since I got his password anyway. Well it's halloween and I am back, and I am ready to throw you a few poems straight from the combs.

Buzz Buzz Honey
Buzz Buzz Money
I don't need no dough
but y'all ought to know
I'm coming for your flowers
I'm not waiting for April showers

Protect the Queen?
That's what I do.
Don't tell me how to live my life.
Unless you are the queen,
in which case I say . . .

Buzz Buzz Queenie
Buzz Buzz Halloweenie
What's good for the queen is good for the hive
I'll dance all day just to stay alive
I'll dance to the left, buzz, dance to the right
I'll dance with the wasps, I'll dance all night

Just to show you,
Where my honey at
Just to give you
the coordinates

I'll rhyme when I want to
Or maybe I won't
Or give ya half ass rhymes
like get in my boat!

That didn't make no sense
and neither does you face
I'll dance and buzz til ya get the picture

Buzz buzz step to the left
fly up straight
loopty loop
Buzz back down
do the double-J scoop

Shake it buzzy Shake it up
Dance c'mon dance dance buzz


I'm dancing like this and dancing like that
Now you know where my honey's at

I know all you kids are dying to be
Just like the original,Mukilteo Bumblebee


Rachel said...

i love you mukilteo bumblebee. will you be at spin the bottle for a re-match?

kougar said...

I just had to comment because it really irks me when the thing says "1 comments"

I feel better now.