Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dems take House and Senate- Mark Siano Projects

The GOP isn't going to mount a battle for Macaca in Virginia.

It took America 6 years to figure out this guy wasn't a good president? We have a serious education gap in this country. 803 days left until George Bush leaves office. To all the people who finally voted Democratic this time, thanks. We could've used you a few years back.

My Dad, the staunch Republican didn't even vote in this last election. I nearly dislocated my jaw when he told me he was happy the Democrats had won. I really can't believe after all these years we're agreeing on national politics. Finally America can come together. Whether you're Republican, Democratic, or a Independent Christian Socialist Libertine, we can all agree that Iraq is a failed policy and that George Bush is full of it.

I give all this talk of bi-partisan politics three to four hours before it turns ugly again. Nancy Pelosi is going to remind Republicans why they hated liberals so much in the first place.

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