Sunday, August 03, 2008

Short and Sloppy

I was a little worried when I got to Beijing. After all I went directly from the gorgeous mountains of Yanghou (pictured above), to the smoggy streets of Beijing.
See that little ball of fire, they call that the sun! You can't see it because of all that sweet delicious heavy pollution. There have actually been some beautiful days though, like when Erika and I went to the Summer Palace, that was amazing! The skies were clear and blue, there was a nice breeze and we had drinks (that I mixed and froze the night before, classic) on a paddle boat with an ipod and speakers taped to the bow. We listened to Radiohead and Peter Cetera, cause Erika knows what kind of mix I like.

Right now, I'm not ill enough to write a whole lot. I'm gonna go pick up my Olympic Tickets. I can't wait to see my favorite sport TEAM HANDBALL! Tomorrow I'm gonna hit The Great Wall, hopefully I'll reinjure my ankle, then the blog will be huge!

Despite my early misgivings about Beijing, I'm having tons of fun. Luckily for me this town is littered with American Expats who speak Mandarin, so I'm not totally lost. In my attempts to make new friends, I'm gonna buy a Chinese Cell Phone, because as always, I'm trying to be popular.

Stay tuned for a fancy new blog post in the works.


Mara said...

Missing you greatly, Mark. I think you'd be proud of what the Freedom Dancers are accomplishing over here in the Land of Rain...have fun and be careful!

Rhythm L. said...

Mark, I miss you so much!!! The speaker-mix-ipod-canoe combo conjured such a vision of you.

We're doing great things here, but we miss you. I hope you see some amazing feats of handballery.

Ice-lan (clap, clap, clap!)

Andrea said...

Yay Radiohead!!!! 10 days now!!!!

rachel said...

Please tell me you played handball on the great wall. (ooh, that's going to be my next rap; I've just decided.)