Friday, August 20, 2004

Hung over in Paradise. (For event shedule, check blog below)

You've heard of those miracle CHASER pills that can prevent hang overs? Well appartly you have to take them BEFORE finishing an entire bottle of Vodka for them to be effective.

Today I'm still on the island of Santorini, which I'll have pictures of posted here when I return. I'm going to to return to my favorite place on earth today. It is an amazing city called Ia on the far side of the island, that has a maze of narrow blue and white alleys and tremedous views of the ancient volcano from its cliffs. Eveything here is more beautiful than anything I could have imagined.

What I want to know is . . . Did Coca-Cola fill the Aegean Sea with blue Powerade just for the Olympics, because I've been living near water my entire life, and I don't recogize this sparkly shade of blue.

Tonight Joanna and I will travel overnight to the Island of Mykonos which is also known as Party CENTRAL. MTV Europe films all their psuedo Spring Break materials from its beaches. So if you don't see us at the Olympics, check MTV Europe where I'll be entering the wet t-shirt contest.

Now Carly Patterson and Paul Hamm have won Olympic gold, and the Americans have passed the Chinese in medals. So now the Americans rule at Acrobatics and Gymnastics, while the Chinese are now the best shooters in the world. I don't think all that flipping is going to help us when World War 3 breaks out.

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