Thursday, August 19, 2004

Finding an internet cafe in Greece is much harder than you'd imagine.
I am currently on the island of Santorini, far from the Olympics. Santorini is the most beautiful place I have ever been. It's that amazing postcard town you always seen with the blue and white cathedrals on cliffs over looking the sparkling mederterrean. I am having the time of my life. Currently I am so drunk I can hardly sit up straight in my chair.

If you're looking for us on TV, Joanna and I will be at ALL THE QUARTERFINAL BASKETBALL GAMES (4 straight games) on the 26th (Greek time). I'll be close to the floor with some witty sign, like "USA Sucks, Go USA". Can anyone tell me why the US team didn't pick one single outside shooter? (So far it looks like they just might squeek into the Quarterfinals)

Next, look for Joanna and I at the TRACK AND FIELD FINALS on the 28th (That's Friday Greek time) we won't be close to the field, but we'll have a sign. After that, Joanna and I will be at the HANDBALL GOLD MEDAL GAME! It will be broadcast on NBC! (the 29th) Make a recording, because handball rules, and Joanna and I will do our best to make fools of ourselves and get on TV.

I must go dear blog reading friends, the Internet cafe is already closed and I have a beef Souvlaki Gyro waiting for me next door. The next entry will be much more thorough. Check for us on TV, my mom said she already saw us, but of course moms are like that.

Paul Hamm rules!
Much love, Go USA

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