Friday, June 09, 2006

I am 30!

We had a party at Angelo-s amazing apartment, in the toast above, you will notice that it looks like I am the only one having fun! Which at that moment was probably true, but I assure that 30 drinks later, things got ca-razy. Or so I have been told, since I can not remember much. Franco, although he is not pictured here, was the star of the party, since almost everyone there were his friends. Cool people too, I am really impressed that Franco does not hang out with any of the mullet touting, ripped shirt losers that you see all over Italy. About 15 people showed up and we really did have a great time, and I scored 5 bottles of Italian red wine to take to Germany with me.

Franco encouraged me to drink, a lot! So much so that I couldn-t even handle a game of Foosball. Too drunk to play Foos? It is true. I tried playing ping pong and I couldn-t even hit the ball. It was like I was on a boat in space, and it wasn-t even a space boat. Somehow I made it up the stairs and passed out. I never puked, but Joanna said hi to Ralphy the Clown for me, he said happy birthday bllggghhhhlluuugghhh! cough cough, bluggghhh, cough, flush! Blugghhhh!

I have to run, below are some teasers of the new disc of photos we just got. 1. Joanna at Pollara, 2. explosion at Stromboli, 3. Grand Canal Venice


moxie said...

Hip, hip, hooray to the old man of Italia! I really wanted to call but the logistics didn't allow it. Hey, can you remind me how to post photos to blogs? Where do you initially post them to generate a URL?

Rydo said...

Ralphy The Clown! It's good to know he makes it out of the country once in a while, even if the rest of us don't.

Too drunk for Foos? For shame. Still, it was your birthday so you are forgiven.

Enjoy the Cup! I'll be watching every match this year, so you have to get into at least one game.
C'mon, if you can get into the NFC championships, this is child's play.

Go USA!!! First round exit!

enrico said...

Are you holding the quidditch (sp?) ball in this picture? What the hell is going on here? When did you turn seeker?

roxy said...

Hi mark, wasn't it a cool night ,,,???If you do remember look soooooo cool.....

ciao franco&tina