Friday, June 09, 2006

I-m afraid I have a ton to do today before I head to Germany tomorrow, so there is little time for blogging. This is just a taste of the photos I just got back, and trust me they are beautiful. When I find a good internet cafe in Garmisch, I will blow your mind with dozens of amazing photos. Hey, I know at least a dozen people read this thing, get in on the comments section, its your chance to make fun of me and trust me, I deserve it! It will not give you spam so do it, Dobosh! Plus you can make fun of Erika the Kougar and Jeff the magic Schell if you like too.

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enrico said...

No one will comment if you tell them to Mark. Instead, you should tell them you hate comments, that every comment your blog receives is like a dagger to the heart. Then they won't be able to resist.

If that doesn't work, start personally insulting people in your posts. I might suggest something like "Jeff Schell sells sex for money." Then they will try to defend themselves! (hey, it worked on the dreadlock rant)