Saturday, June 03, 2006


Spain was fantastic, but it is good to be back in Italy where I know at least 200 words, I know about 15 in Spanish, it was ugly. What wasn-t ugly was Casa Bastllo *pictured( above. Damn these keys#@%&%^*($EWS"A:>?>S"?>"{}:"_+236

The food in Spain was great, I had a bunch of Paella negro. That-s right, we are talking squid ink negro. Squid juice color my rice black, negro, the way spy hunter smokes out the gangsters.
This is scattershot I know, I have only a minute left.

Italy rules, spain is not as good. Apperitivo is better than Tapas, and risotto is better than Paella, even if Risotto does not afford me the chance to use the term negro extraneously.

What else to say .. Oh the pressure. Germany will win the world cup, Brazil will come second, they have too many one name stars . . RONALDO, Ronaldhino, Rubinho, Kaka, Adriano, Negro, Ichirono, Aquaviva, Vidalsassoono . . .

OK they are closing. Hey Italy and Europe, I know you love American inventions, you-ve really taken to the car, and you can not get enough of the cell phone, but how about trying the shower curtain and the dryer!


kougar said...

the dryer is overrated. their spin does an excellent job and is energy efficient. then you hang the laundry up for the rest -- and if you're not careful you might get your clothesline tangled up with that of a saucy venetian virgin. Oh my!

trust me. hanging up your clothes to dry is sexier.

the destroyer said...

I can't believe you just dismissed Spain like that. you sound just like an ignorant American backpacker. this is going to make you enemies Siano. mark my words.

Jeff said...

Like that time we build that housing complex on the old indian burial ground.

Fucking featherheads.