Monday, June 26, 2006

USA - Out of Iraq and Into the Next Round

That´s what my sign at the USA-Ghana world cup match in Nurnberg Germany read. When I unfurled it, Joanna was nervous. Would we get into an argument? Would I run into a bunch of drunk Marines?

Actually the sign was a huge hit. Joanna and I met up with a Camper Van full of Americans we knew from Seattle. When I broke out the sign, they all started cracking up, but they too thought it might cause trouble, actually it made us the most popular people on the campgrounds. That is of course until after the game, when it was rendered futile by our weak showing against Ghana. Damn you Ghana, just you wait until we get our young star Freddy Adu, who was born in Ghana and now plays for the USA, to beat your ass.

At least before the game we had fun holding the sign while looking to scalp some tickets. The foriegners offered to give us a discount because they liked the sign so much, but that was still over 200 Euros each. In fact, at least a hundred people loved the sign and only two frowned upon it, but they still wanted to take a picture of it. I´m sure if you look around on the internet, someone posted a picture of that sign, but I can´t put it up until I get back. I even got a television interview, but I was too fucked up to make much sense.

"Why do you have this sign, what do you want to say to Europeans?" Asked the man with the camera and microphone

"That Bush is really bad, and people in America all don´t like the Iraq thing, even if they like Bush," that was one of my more eloquent answers.

"So why does he have so much support and why does he keep winning elections?"

"Jesus man, Jesus." And with that I ran off after a scalper, having embarrassed myself thoroughly.

The security was too tight to sneak in, and I didn´t have an apron or official looking badge to flash. Don´t worry, there will be more tales of unpaid entrances when Bumbershoot rolls around.


moxie said...

you've got guts and you know how to use them!

Jeff said...

NICE! I must see a picture of that sign. Then I want to shake your hand.

Then I want to punch you for being at the world cup when I can't.

Then I want to rub your head in a condescending fashion, as I would to a child, for taking a punch like a man.

Then I want to kick you square in the shin for having such a long, awesome vacation with such beautiful photos.

Then I want to give you a big hug and tell you I'm sorry.