Friday, October 07, 2005

Everywhere you go in America, any strange rock outcropping is attributed to the evils of Satan. There's Devil's Tower, The Devil's Garden, The Devil's Backbone, Devil's Kitchen, Devil's Boots, Devil's Bridge, and the Devil's elbow to name a few. Less than a mile from my sister's place in Santa Fe where I stayed for the summer, there is a large series of wicked looking boulders that swirl with purple and gold streaky patterns. The place is littered with more petrified wood than any national park, and its landscape is festering with giant bulbous red sores. So I officially name this geographical wonderland DEVIL'S CRACK. It's on private land so beware of hics with shotguns. To get there just go down Turquois Trail til you get to that one dirt road, go left down the arroyo, past the carving in the rocks, under the barbwire, move aside the giant tumbleweeds and continue up the little canyon and you're there. Got that? (Actually for my Santa Fe friends I will give you a full illustrated map and directions soon). Look at Smudge, all pensive looking out into the distance from the ridge of Devil's Crack.

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