Friday, October 07, 2005

Arches National Park Utah. This is where the summer's Southwest journey essentially began. Joanna and I thought our travel expenses would only technically cover 3 consecutive days, we didn't know we could stretch it out. Sadly we only spent a day here. I love the contrast of bubbly red rocks and stark white mountain tops. Southern Utah has the most dramatic landscape I've seen in America, and at this point I can say that I've seen quite a bit. Someone ought to wedge a small theatre between those huge red boulders (on private land of course), or just put a classy looking building for rehearsals or shows on top of one of those cliffs. People from all over the country would come. Destination theatres and concert halls are fast becoming the most successful live venues (Gorge, Coachella, Santa Fe Opera, Oregon Shakespeare, Red Rocks), people want to be entertained as well as say they've been to that marvelous remote place with that famous building in all the postcards.

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