Friday, October 21, 2005


Stop for me it's the Claw! Ryan Dobosh and I created this masterpiece many years ago in Seattle. I'm happy to report that this is now a graphitti movement in our hometown. I've seen at least 3 claws since I've been back, all of differing shapes and sizes. I love it when my ideas take off like that, however I want the credit above all. I'm obviously a little vane. When we saw pictures of this "artwork" in the paper we nearly freaked out! The caption read, "Vandals make a statement in Fremont, but what does it mean?"

It was just supposed to be funny, however the Claw is very powerful when it comes to crossing in front of traffic. When you're crossing an intersection, and the on coming traffic doesn't respect or understand your right-of-way priviledges, throw down a firm CLAW and start crossing. This is not foolproof, but it usually stops cars dead in their tracks. The claw lets them know you are flippin' serious about crossing this street. Try it sometime. The claw's the law y'all.


Anonymous said...
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Fishpimp said...

I remember seeing "The Claw" a few years back over by Cowan Park - was that you guys?

Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

What the heck does the claw have to do with water gardens? Anyway, if this fad catches on big-time, someday you'll have to prove that you are the Creator of the Claw and I fear that it won't be a pretty process. You might have to yell "I AM THE CLAW" at the top of your lungs, which could get you a arrested at the hands (claws?) of the law.

Anyhoo, I made it to Portland. Asa and I might be travelling up to Seattle 'round Thanksgiving time, probably that weekend, and if you and Joanna aren't too entangled with family shenanagans (sp???) it might be nice to meet up with you guys for a beer.

marxiano said...

Cowan Park was near my old apartment in Wedgwood (no e), and I had to regularly maintain it.

cougar said...

I'd like to use the law of the claw here in Indiana, but in such a small town there is little use for such a powerful weapon. You just wait. I'm sharpening my claw for China.

Anonymous said...

Next time I see someone in a crosswalk I'll test your theory, I'll put my several ton car up against their "claw" and we'll see who wins

jubishop said...

They replaced the one in Capitol Hill, but I'm scheming to re-graffiti it. ;o)

My wife and I have always found it hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I spent a lot of time on Capitol Hill as a kid, and though I no longer live in Seattle, I fondly remember passing that sign on the way up to broadway. Today, I decided to google it. Thanks, to the man behind some fondly remembered high school lols.

To Jubishop - Follow through on that scheme. The Claw is eternal.